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"When I first joined almost a year ago I was SO nervous to try CrossFit. I had heard and seen things about it but never had attended a class. I'm grateful that the gym I walked into for my first ever CrossFit class was CrossFit 520. The instructors here know their stuff! Form, form, form is the theme you will notice about every class here. They make sure all members are doing the movements safely and effectively before continuing. If there is a movement that needs more development, they readily know transferable modifications. Always ready to answer questions, give additional tips, and tons of encouragement! No matter your skill level, after the hour is over you will have had a kick butt workout that leaves you hungry for more.

Lastly, the community at CrossFit 520 is wonderful and will quickly draw you in. Such a fun, uplifting group of people that make this gym way more than just a place to get fit. "


"I live on the NW side of Tucson and although there may be a handful of gyms on my side of town I CHOOSE to commute 25 minutes every morning to be part of the CrossFit 520 family. Emily and Marcin and are the heart and soul of our gym. The training is excellent! Marcin always ensures we are comfortable with the movements. Charlie focuses on technique and ensures we either maintain or improve on everything we do. The CrossFit 520 family has helped me accomplish things I thought were impossible. After having had 2 kids I've finally learned to love my body and embrace the transformation. I could not be more proud to call CrossFit 520 my home!"


"I love CrossFit 520! I originally started coming here to get ready for a Tough Mudder Event after having my second child. I usually run marathons and play soccer so I was skeptical. I got back into shape within two months and was in shape for my event. I have been coming here ever since and love it. My running and soccer skills have improved like crazy! I can't imagine starting my day without it!"


"I really like CrossFit 520 on Swan Rd, and if you are looking for a gym, you should definitely give it a try. The trainers are top notch and really care about us. The instruction is outstanding, the workouts are challenging and always changing so it never gets old. Everything can be scaled to meet any fitness level or ability, and the trainers are very good at giving you just the right amount of work. I was a bit nervous at first starting into something like CrossFit at 56 years old, but there was really no reason to be. Looking back now after a year and a half at the gym, I can assure you that there is no reason to be nervous. If you are on the fence about trying CrossFit, you should definitely come down and try it. Lastly, I can't say enough about the other members at this gym. They are nice, helpful, encouraging, friendly, happy, positive people that I love being around. It really is a privilege to work out with them, and best of all, it is fun."


"Marcin and Emily have transformed our families fitness. My husband and I turned 40 this year and realized we needed to get in shape because we are only getting older. We came for several months and have seen great changes in our strength and fitness levels. However, the biggest change came over the summer when our kids were out of school. Marcin and Emily let our kids come and scaled the workouts so that they were able to do most of what we did. They have fallen in love with CrossFit and convince us to go when we would rather stay home. Not only are we healthier but our kids are healthier and we all get to do it together. We are so lucky to have found CrossFit 520!"


"I've been a member of several gyms throughout my life but none compare with CrossFit 520. Great for all levels, the trainers stress the importance of good form and technique all while motivating you to push yourself. As a certified level 2 CF instructor, Marcin is one of the most passionate and encouraging trainers I’ve encountered. I've honestly never actually enjoyed going to a gym but with CF 520 it's different. It's not just a great workout; it's fun and you get to meet some amazing people. I drank the cool aid, and you should too."


"As a female who has done running and bodyweight HIIT training my whole life I was intimidated to join a CrossFit gym. My husband joined about a month before I did and kept telling me how great CrossFit 520 was, so I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. It was everything he made it out to be. Patient and thorough instruction from the trainers gave me the confidence to try lifts I've never done and to lift heavier than I ever have before. I am discovering new ways to train my body and I'm loving the results. Marcin was right, he told me my first day 'Anyone can do CrossFit!' Now I'm a believer and I'm grateful to be a part of the CrossFit 520 Family!"


"I have been working out at CrossFit 520 for 8 months and it has been the best exercise experience of my life. Marcin and Emily bend over backwards to provide excellent training, coaching, and encouragement for all members of their gym. They are highly motivated and skilled in both strength and conditioning and push their clients to achieve their personal bests on a daily basis. I've visited 2 other CrossFit facilities in Tucson and CrossFit 520 provides the best overall experience I could imagine. The really amazing thing about CrossFit 520 is that Marcin and Emily have created a warm and accepting family atmosphere in their gym and they make the total experience fun! For my money, this is the best workout location in Tucson!"


"I've been doing personal training with Emily at CrossFit 520 this past year and she is fabulous! I'm 61 years old and in decent/better shape and Emily has made it so. She is so knowledgeable and careful. I have increased my strength, deepened my squats, and challenged myself in a safe and careful manner. Marcin and Emily at CrossFit 520 take extra time with their clients and make working out something to enjoy. I've never felt better! Thank you!"


"I LOVE this place! Emily and Marcin are the greatest coaches I have ever met/had. I was so nervous going to a random CrossFit gym alone, but I am so glad I ended up trying here first. I've been going here for about 3-4 months now and its awesome. If you're even considering trying CrossFit, just try it, and try it here! The people and the whole vibe of the place is just awesome. There's no competition to see who lifts the heaviest, no matter where you start you are completely included, and that's what I love about this place the most."


"I'm still new around CrossFit 520 but I love it here! I joined for just one month in December and I was a total newbie. Marcin and Emily were so gracious and encouraging even though I was anxious and uncomfortable. They know their stuff and they meet you where you are and the community is kind, encouraging, and interactive. Eight months later, I decided to start CrossFit again and there was no doubt which gym I wanted to join. Marcin and Emily made that decision so easy."


"I moved back to Tucson from Seattle a handful of years ago, and it took me a really long time to find a local CrossFit gym that I loved as much as my beloved Seattle box. I finally found CrossFit 520, and I am so grateful! Marcin and Emily (and their amazing staff) have brought me so much joy. I have extensive life-long injuries from a previous snowboarding accident, and no matter what my restrictions, CrossFit 520 staff do not hesitate to make me feel welcome and create modifications that allow me to get equally intense workouts while also being completely safe and technically perfect. Even through pregnancy!...they found a way to work together with my health care team so that I could continue to work out and have a healthy pregnancy. To top it off, the camaraderie at this gym is sensational--the best I've ever encountered! The CrossFit 520 team fosters the kind of environment that attracts phenomenal people, and I always know my cohort will be there for me. It makes working out fun--which is a huge motivator on days when that bed feels extra comfy! Thank you, CrossFit 520...working out with you is life-changing"


"I have been going to Crossfit 520 for a little over a year and I love it!!!!!! Marcin and Emily are amazing people and trainers. I feel very comfortable when I go there, everybody is welcoming and very encouraging. It has changed my life and attitude towards working out. I have come a long way and I am looking forward to more to come!!!!! Training with Emily was a great way to get started and build my confidence. Thanks Marcin and Emily!!!!!"


"This past year at CrossFit 520 has been amazing. Marcin and Emily have done a great job helping me improve my lifts and increase my endurance. The CrossFit 520 staff is the most attentive of any I have experienced. Marcin shows up everyday with a helpful attitude. The entire staff's can-do attitude is very contagious. CrossFit 520 is the premier Crossfit gym in town."


"I've been a lifelong athlete and recently came to CrossFit 520 after researching cross fit gyms in Tucson. A gym is like a family to me and i took my time to find the right one. The facilities are very clean and spacious and Emily and Marcin are extremely helpful. I was doing powerlifting and kettlebell workouts, including competing, for the past three years and was concerned about learning the CrossFit movements. Marcin has scaled my workouts within the group class to enable me to learn at my own pace while being safe increasing the weights as I've gotten stronger. I am very picky about where I work out and CrossFit 520 has been a great choice!"

~ KIM D.

"CrossFit 520 has been more than just a gym to us, it's been a wonderful community of people who are always supporting each other and pushing each other for one more rep, one more pound/(kg - weight lifters!)... and Marcin and Emily our trusty leaders."


"Love my box! I've been a long time gym goer at CF520 and I Can't express how encouraging Emily and Marcin have been as coaches. They definitely push you in reaching your full potential. It's not just a gym but a second home filled with crazy family members."


"I’ve always thought of myself as a not so strong person.  Since I’ve joined CrossFit 520 I’ve been able to lift more and push myself more than I ever thought possible.  It has not only changed my life for the better, it has helped my family become more healthy and fit.  Thanks 520!"


"Emily and Marcin have changed my life! I love going to the gym because of CrossFit 520!"


"Crossfit 520 is a phenomenal family of athletes working together to help each other reach their goals. Every day I look forward to working out with all of these amazing people. I drop in to other boxes when I travel and every time this experience confirms that Crossfit 520 is superior in their dedication to all of their athletes. Thank you!"


"CrossFit 520 is more than a gym, it's a home. The trainers are part of your life and care about your progress. CrossFit workouts gave me a new zeal for health training and helped me correct my type 2 diabetes numbers without drugs.  It's more than weights it's family time."

~ GIL S.

"Top notch CrossFit establishment in Tucson! It's worth every penny."


"I was worried how I, a 42 year old  who just had two babies back to back, would fit in with a group like that??  Was I wrong!  Other members of the gym were friendly, supportive and didn’t care where I was on my fitness journey.  As coach Marcin said, “Everyone has a different goal as to what they’re looking for and why they do CrossFit!”  It is a real community of people who are all ages, different fitness levels, with one common goal….to be healthier than you were.  I am so THANKFUL to the other members I now call friends, to Emily who is so knowledgeable in nutrition and working with her personal clients, but I am especially thankful to the greatest coach, Marcin!"