Pre-Holiday Accountability Challenge

In Tucson summers are usually the slowest time of year for businesses.  However, in the past few years we have noticed a trend at the gym that we call the Fall slump.  After the allure of that “summer body” fades, and the anxiety of the upcoming holidays starts to set in people start to lose… Read more »

Member Spotlight

Did you know we have a Blog?  Yea, we forgot our new website has this feature too!  If we started posting with tips for the gym, nutrition, and lifestyle would you read it? We also used to do a Member of the Month.  We stopped because among everyone’s accomplishments in the gym each month it… Read more »

July BBQ Photos

Thanks to EMOM Photography for photographing our BBQ last month!  You can download photos and order prints at this link:


We are excited to announce, that due to the popularity of previous referral specials, we will be starting a permanent referral program!  Anytime someone you referred signs up you will receive $25 off your following month’s payment.  There is no limit to the referrals, so if you get 3 people to sign up in one… Read more »