Frequently Asked Questions

Why is CrossFit so expensive?

It depends on how you look at it.  Our monthly rate breaks down to the same price as a daily coffee from Starbucks.  So, why not invest in something worthwhile like your health?  If you are comparing CrossFit gym rates to big box gyms then you are already doing yourself a disservice.  You pay for what you get.  They hope that you pay and only show up a few times, we hope you’ll come every day.  They have pictures showing you how to use the equipment, we have qualified and experienced trainers to show you and guide you through the exercises.  They can suggest a blog or YouTube video to follow along with, we have specific programing designed to maximize your potential.  They have alarms that sound when you’re too loud, we cheer each other on.  They have mirrors, we have each other.  They have machines, we’ll help make you a machine.  

Why choose CrossFit 520?

Simple.  The Trainers.  Our team of qualified and experienced trainers do their best to make group classes feel like a one-on-one personal training session.  We treat every class like it’s your first day.  We always take extra time to break down the movements to be sure all our members are performing them safely and efficiently.  We all have the knowledge and tools to help members modify whatever movements needed.  We know not everyone looks forward to their gym time, so we try to make your time at our gym as fun as possible.  Our team is friendly and enthusiastic, but more importantly passionate about what they do.

Our new facility is one of the premier CrossFit locations in town.  But your membership here does not just provide you a place to workout.  We give you all the tools to success, it's up to you how and when you use them!  Your monthly membership rate will not just give you a gym, but also a family.

Do you have to be fit to start CrossFit?

No one starts out CrossFit fit.  We all started somewhere, and we all had a first day at some point.  The best thing about CrossFit is that it’s scalable to any fitness level.  In the same class you might have a collegiate athlete, a mom, a grandpa, a doctor, and a member of our US military, all of them doing the same workout in different variations.  In the same class you may have a 3 year veteran to CrossFit participating with someone that just joined last week.  Although the weights on the bars are different, the cheers when you accomplish a personal record are the same.

Will CrossFit make me bulky?

Only if you want it to.  We’ve all seen the impossibly ripped bodies of the CrossFit Games athletes, but not everyone who does CrossFit wants to look like that.  We all have a different idea of what the perfect body is, and we are here to help you reach whatever that may be.  Some of us want to get stronger, some of us want to lose weight, and for some it may be a combination of both.  The great thing about CrossFit is that it can be easily modified to any fitness level, or goals.  Don’t want to look bulky?  No problem.  Our trainers will help you find the appropriate modifications, weights, and intensity to reach your goals!