Member Spotlight

Did you know we have a Blog?  Yea, we forgot our new website has this feature too!  If we started posting with tips for the gym, nutrition, and lifestyle would you read it?

We also used to do a Member of the Month.  We stopped because among everyone’s accomplishments in the gym each month it didn’t seem fair to pick one person.  So, we’ve decided to do a new feature we are going to call “Member Spotlight”.

Our first Member Spotlight is Angelina Ortiz!  Angelina was the runner up in our nutrition challenge over the summer, and has still be kicking ass in and out of the gym since.  It seems like she PRs something every day, and week by week her body continues to show the progress.  Angelina is our first member spotlight not because of her accomplishments in the gym, but for her ability to balance it all!  We all know Angelina is one of our most dedicated and regular clients, but I bet you didn’t know that she is also supermom.  Angelina is a mom to 2 little ones, her and her adorable family were recently featured on the news basically for her being the best Mom ever.  Seriously, go check out the video on her social media, it’s adorable!  Not only is she in the running for Mom of the year, but she works a very demanding full time job, AND she is currently planning and building her dream home!  Even with all this going on, she rarely misses a WOD (her punctuality is another story though!).  She recently has been having some health issues outside of the gym and just a week ago underwent a procedure that she is currently recuperating from.  Although she’s taking some much needed and deserved time off, we know she will come back soon as bad ass and feisty as ever!