Pre-Holiday Accountability Challenge

In Tucson summers are usually the slowest time of year for businesses.  However, in the past few years we have noticed a trend at the gym that we call the Fall slump.  After the allure of that “summer body” fades, and the anxiety of the upcoming holidays starts to set in people start to lose motivation and fall off track.  The days are becoming shorter, and it’s starting to seem hopeless that this 100 degree heat will ever leave.  It’s no wonder people lose motivation here this time of year.  But if your goals aren’t weather permitting then your habits shouldn’t be either.

We are what we repeatedly do, not what we do occasionally when the mood strikes us.  If you have a goal it should be ‘no matter what’, not ‘when I feel like it’.  We all have outside factors that try to get in the way of our goals, but we all have the same two options in dealing with them: Either allow them to become excuses and distract you from your goals, or chose to push past those factors and make sacrifices to keep your goals alive.  When life’s unexpectancies pop up that’s when we find out how truly strong we are.  You can either adapt and let it strengthen you, or give in and let it weaken you.  Take accountability for these choices, because it’s not anyone else’s fault.  The only one who can show up and put in the work is you.

Staying on track is simple… just show up every day.  If there’s a goal you can’t stop thinking about then why allow yourself to take so many days off from attaining it?  Sure, we all need rest days from the gym, but I bet there is SOMETHING we could all do every day to help us get one step closer to our goals. It could be something as simple as planning and prepping your meals on a Sunday.  But at least it is something that pushes you towards those goals.  

If you want to learn tips and tricks for staying accountable and attaining your goals then make sure to come to our pre-holiday accountability challenge on Saturday, November 18th at 12:30pm.  We will cover aspects both in and out of the gym, including nutrition and how to stay on track during the Holiday season.  If you are interested, or have any more questions please email: