Jose Delgado, trainer at CrossFit 520

Jose Delgado


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, PN Level 1 Coach, RRCA Level 1 Coach, BS in Marketing, Juris Doctor

What is your fitness story?

My fitness story began as a coach’s son in a small town in northwest Montana. As such, I spent the bulk of my childhood messing around outdoors or tagging along to team practices and workouts. Through these experiences and participating in team sports, I developed a passion for fitness, performance and functional movement.

Throughout high school and college, I struggled with disordered eating and overtraining (although I lacked the awareness to recognize it at the time). Working through these challenges instilled in me a sense of empathy for my athletes and an appreciation that, whatever appears on the exterior, we all come to our fitness journey with our own set of experiences, issues and obstacles. I could not be more grateful to be a part of this journey with our athletes.

More recently, I discovered a passion for running and endurance sports, generally. I’m fortunate to coach our Flight Club, consisting of runners from new to begrudging to experienced, as we all work to enhance our appreciation for the run and get to build a sense of community together through running.

When I’m not coaching at the gym or busy at work, I love to learn, cook, travel, do just about anything outdoors and support local businesses (especially, Tucson’s amazing restaurants, cafes and breweries :-)). Next time you see me at the gym, please be sure to say hello.

Favorite movement?

Geesh, might as well ask a parent which of his or her children he or she loves the most… But if I had to rank order the kiddos, I’d likely begin with running because it’s always accessible, doesn’t require any equipment, and allows you to get into nature and out of your head. Running would be followed closely by strict ring muscles ups because I can’t think of another upper body movement that provides an athlete more bang for the buck (especially the process of becoming proficient in the movement). Last but not least, I’d say the world’s greatest stretch because, simply put, it’s the world’s greatest...

Favorite quote?

“Always something is better than all or nothing.” No idea who to attribute this to, but I love it as a constant reminder to just show up and get started.

Any advice for beginners?

Step 1 - show up. Step 2 - repeat Step 1.