Josephine Bush


ACE Personal Trainer, Former Division 1 Track and Field and Cross Country Athlete, Junior Olympian Ski Racer

What is your CrossFit story?

After being a Division I Track and Field and Cross Country Athlete I needed something that still had that competitive edge, both for myself and in my community. While conducting my Master's in Berlin I lived down the street from a CrossFit gym and figured I would give it a shot. I only had three months left in Germany but I fell in love with the atmosphere, the strength component, and the ever-changing, yet challenging workouts.

In August of 2018 I moved to Tucson where Crossfit entered my life again. I was concluding my personal training certification and Emily and Marcin offered me an internship with them. Immediately Crossfit 520 became a family, and I felt part of a strong community—both mentally and physically. While my journey has been quite short so far I love the growth aspect so much.

What is your favorite part about coaching?

I love being able to support people in reaching their goals. The coolest thing (and maybe most frustrating) about fitness is that our minds always give up before our bodies. I love being able to push people to the next limit and love when people see that they ARE capable of so much more than they expected.

What's your favorite movement?

This is not a CrossFit thing but I love "the running movement," it is just fun to go fast and push yourself!

What's your favorite quote? see below

Any advice for beginners?

Make it a habit— fitness should add to your life and it shapes everything about you literally (mind and body). Start building it into part of your life by starting small and then moving towards small goals. We all have big, glamorous goals, but they will not happen if you do not break them down to day to day goals and even minute to minute goals, especially in CrossFit where you have the ability to make each movement count!