kelsey bennet

Kelsey Bennet


CrossFit Level 1, Bachelor's in Fine Arts, Master's in Nursing

What is your CrossFit Story?

Kelsey has loved movement all her life. She played many sports and danced throughout her childhood and high school. In her junior year of high school she discovered CrossFit, and her love for fitness evolved from there. Since discovering CrossFit, Kelsey competed in several CrossFit Regionals and also competed nationally in olympic lifting as a 48kg lifter (all while dancing for the University of Arizona).

Now Kelsey works full time as a Cardiovascular ICU nurse and is excited to take her many years of training and experience as a high level athlete to a coaching role at Gym 244 and 520 Athletics!

What's your favorite part about coaching?

With a dance background, Kelsey loves any bodyweight movements but she especially likes coaching the olympic lifts!

Favorite Movement?

Ring Muscle-Up

Favorite Workout?


Favorite Quote?

"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory" - Mahatma Gandhi