rufe bynum

Rufe Bynum

Weightlifting Coach


What is your Weightlifting story?

I was introduced to weightlifting in 2011. I had no idea what it was. My coach then showed me some Youtube videos and I said to myself 'I think I could do that'. I committed to 6 weeks of training and I was instantly hooked. I began training hard and knew that I wanted to compete nationally. From there a wonderful community has grown around me. I have made great friends and had great experiences in this sport. I began coaching in 2015 and that has continued my journey to help others achieve the same goals I had when I first started. I have had the opportunity to compete in national competitions since I began the sport from the American Open and Senior Nationals. I have also had the opportunity to coach athletes at those same competitions and then some. To be apart of USAW and the weightlifting community is a real pleasure and I cannot wait to see what is next.

What is your favorite part about coaching?

Watching people grow and push past their limits is one of my favorite things about
coaching. The other is helping people build strong character that injects into their daily

What's your favorite movement?


What's your favorite quote?

"I'll show you how great I am." - Muhammad Ali

Any advice for beginners?

Never give up.